Queen Code – a crown for the queen

With the help of a surprisingly simple technical solution, individual queens will soon be labelled with a unique code.

In a project initiated by Eugen Aberer and supported by Biene Österreich, queen tags are currently developed, on which a tiny matrix code (‘queen code’), similar to a QR-code, is imprinted. QR codes are two-dimensional barcode we encounter every day on food packaging or advertising brochures.

With this queen code, which can be linked to the herdbook number of a queen, beekeepers may retrieve pedigree information and performance data of the queen using a smartphone with an Android operating system and a camera (resolution: 8 MPx, at lower resolutions, an additional macro lens is required).

By holding the camera over the tag, the queen code will be read by a specially designed software and the information on the queen will be retrieved via the internet. This tool will allow a better identification of queens in the breeding program, but also buyers will be able to trace the identity of the queen they have received.

BIOEqueen – a new App for breeders now available for iPhone

The Austrian beekeeper federation Biene Österreich provides all breeders and beekeepers with a smartphone application (both Android and IOS) for the planning of their queen rearing activities.

Available for Smartphones

BIOEqueen has been developed as an assistant for breeders and beekeepers to schedule all necessary steps for queen production, including a short explanation for each step. Several queen rearing methods are available, more methods will come with future updates and feedback from users is highly appreciated. Scheduled steps can be exported on your smartphone’s calendar and synchronised with other devices.

How to load the application

Go to the respective store (App Store for IOS, Google Play for Android) and download the app. Note that the application can also be used via the internet browser on your PC.